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Умен кантар ACME SC101W

Умен кантар ACME SC101-Copy
-5,30 лв.

Умен кантар ACME SC101W

Effective tray surface area 3 x AAA
Connections Bluetooth v4.0
Capacity 5–150 kg
Display LED for weight
Body fat measurement BIA technology dual frequency
Surface Toughened glass
Wipes quantity Бял
Width 260 mm
Height 25 mm
Length 260 mm
Application Weight, body fat percentage, BMI, BMR
Product No 507672
Barcode 4770070880098
Категория: Кантари и везни Производител: Acme SKU:
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Гаранция: 24месеца

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ACME Europe Кантар SC101 blackDescriptionBathroom scale SC101 Have you ever been bumped because you thought hard work getting fit and taking care of nutrition did not pay off after seeing the number of kilos on the scales remaining the same? You should not have because it is not only kilograms that matter! With ACME SC101Bluetooth smart scales you can measure not only your weight. You can track changes of your body fat. In addition to that, you can check your BMI and see where you stand according to your age and gender with your weight. Another great function BMR measurement which tells you how many calories you need to perform daily basic functions, like breathing or digesting. All these statistics go to your phone once you sync it with the scales so you can easily track the trends and see changing results in the special app. Finally, scales are easy to set up and may be used by multiple users, feature slim yet sturdy design. Body fat measurementShows the percentage of body fat Body mass index (BMI)According to your given height and measured weight determines if you are at a healthy weight for your age and gender Basal metabolic rate (BMR)Displays a number of calories your body needs to perform most basic functions, like breathing, digesting, cell production, etc. Easy setupThanks to Bluetooth connection, it is very easy to pair scales with your phone and see results in the specialized app Specialized app to see trendsOnce scales syncs with your phone, all statistics are converted to easy-to-read graphs in the app that help to track trends and see if your efforts are paying off in the long run Multiple usersDifferent people can use scales at the same time and get their personal results to their phones Minimalistic designScales do not feature any unnecessary details and come in a black colour to easily match your home interior as well as they are very slim for easy transportationХарактеристик и 
Load (max):150 kg 
Measuring accuracy:1 g 
Measurement:Тяло weightCalorie calculatorBMI valueТяло fat 
No. of users:100 
Measurement memory:999 
Anti-skid base:yes 
Мощност:Батерии / rechargeable AAA 
Accessories included:3 x Батерии AAA 
display dimensions:30 x 50 mm 
Dimensions:260 x 260 x 25 mm 
Other features:Surface covered with toughened glass Multilanguage app for Android и iOS for following trends Connection with app via Bluetooth. Продукт известен още и като SC 101

Умен кантар ACME SC101W

Умен кантар ACME SC101W

47,70 лв. В наличност
Стара цена: 53,00 лв.
Спестяваш: 5,30 лв.
Няма наличност
Умен кантар ACME SC101W
Умен кантар ACME SC101W


Основана през 1993 г., ACME Груп е литовска компания, създаваща, произвеждаща и разпространяваща технологични решения и продукти. ACME Груп обединява редица компании, които работят в области като производство на електронни устройства и домакински уреди, дистрибуция и ремонт на електронно оборудване. ACME  е водеща компания от 24 години в Европа, предлагаща иновативни решения в потребителската електроника. Компанията е дистрибутор на водещи световни марки.
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